My daughter’s book collection

I had thought to start with book reviews. Specifically, a review on something I have read recently. As I was going through the books on my shelf, I chanced upon a smaller collection below. My daughter’s collection of books on the lower level (easier for her to reach), which includes even books I read through my childhood. And I was quite amazed, seeing how much she has gathered already.

We used to read together when she was quite small, which was whenever we felt like. Sometimes it was at bedtime, sometimes during the day. No fixed timing. Going back to reading those timeless classics of Cinderella, Rapunzel and other fairy-tales, Aesop’s Fables, Enid Blyton, etc., all brought back the golden memories of my childhood. It was wonderland again for me, but much more so┬ásince I had my daughter to share it with me. To my surprise, it was even better since I was seeing everything in a much different aspect through her eyes. A child’s perspective is so magical. Such innocence !!!! I fell in love with everything all over again.

Now that she’s learnt how to read, she goes and picks up a book and reads by herself. Sitting on that cute little chair, deeply immersed in her book, trying to join the words and making some sense of them. My heart just got full and overflowed with happiness.

I know I am gushing too much but I am sure many of you will be able to relate with me on this here. Seeing as to how many kids these days are hooked on to their IPads and other gadgets, getting even one kid to open a book and read, is in itself an accomplishment. A talk I had earlier with Lakshmi aunty centered on this topic. She was a teacher in her previous profession and hence understands the necessity of getting kids to read.

I better stop here before I go overboard. Hope this inspires you at least to start a small book collection with your kids and get them to read, thus opening them to the magical world of books and its wonders.

Until the next post,

Yours ever-reading Nami. ­čÖé



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