Finally !!

You must be thinking as to why such a title. See, the thing is that this idea has been running through my mind for quite a while now. But me being me, didn’t take it seriously and let it float back to the inner recesses of my mind. Now that I am pulling it all out, you will have to suffer through my ramblings as I try to timeline my reading.

I could tell you the usual clichés, that I read a lot, I love books, yada yada yada (which is entirely true by the way). I have been reading ever since I can remember, preferring to sit in a corner with my nose in a book. Started with the usual Disney Fairytale Phase, (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, etc.). Then there was the Enid Blyton Phase (http://www.enidblytonsociety.co.uk/index.php). Along with these international ones, I squeezed in a lot of stories from our native place as well, (Tinkle, Balarama, Akbar Birbal, etc.). Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Mayavi are characters you will simply fall in love with their well-timed humour and idiosyncracies.

That was my early childhood. Teenage years found me lifting Sydney Sheldon books from my dad’s collection and voraciously reading through them before dad gets back from office and realizes that his books are missing. I was hooked onto them like a drug addict. Cheesy Romantic Phase had to happen. I don’t think any girl will enter her adulthood without indulging in the Harlequin romances. Paranormal romance came into the scene and my fantasy world just got bigger. Sigh !!! Those were the days, when I thought that life would happen just like in those books. Didn’t take long to fall from that high tree and crash back into reality, of course.

I took a break with reading when I thought I had to conquer the WORLD (adulthood, you see). Realized soon enough that it was a misdirected notion and quietly settled down with more books, with the help of my friends. Thankfully, my 5-year-old daughter shares my sentiments in reading and it was a very emotional moment when she started to read through my childhood collection of books, like a legacy passed down through generations. Hope she gets to pass these on to her children as well.

Funny that now I try to recollect my old favorites, I am not able to. Hopefully all that will come back in its own time. Meanwhile I can regale you with the reviews on my current favorite authors and books. 🙂 You will also get to see some quotes and pictures on books and reading, whichever catches my interest when I scroll through social media.

What are we waiting for then? Lets get started ……………………………….



16 thoughts on “Finally !!”

  1. I am really glad you started blogging…Its actually good to pen down your thoughts and experiences, providing an inspiration to a lot of people in their parenthood…
    All the very best Namitha

    Liked by 1 person

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